Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beagle Eye

Wow. This movie was super awesome and totally not lame. Wait! Sorry about that- my brain was momentarily taken over by a humongous super computer for a second there. Actually, I did not like Eagle Eye. I thought it was extra lame.

At the beginning of the movie I was really worried that the voice on the phone was an alien. There are four things in a movie that make Bryan sleepy: wizards, dragons, swords, and aliens. But I have now added a fifth thing to my list... super computers. From now on, if I sniff super computer gone wild in a movie, I'll save my eight bucks.

The sequel, Beagle Eye, is the story of "Short Stuff," a runt stray beagle pup which is lured into a super computer's lair with computer-generated meow's. The super computer replaces Short Stuff's left eye with a camera and surgically implants a video transmitter in his skull. This allows the super computer to infiltrate the old county dog pound, which is the only building in the world which does not yet have surveillance cameras installed inside which can be viewed and controlled by the super computer. Once the pup is inside, the super computer will have control of the whole world. I'm looking forward to it.


KJ said...

This was a hard two hours. Had I not had such great company to mock the movie with and a cute dog to cuddle with, i might not have made it. Next time I get to pick the film and it just might be Beagle Eye.

Jeremy said...

Wow, I can't wait for that sequel, it sounds awesomely epic. Let me know when it is out. Such a great story line too, cause you know that the dog is going to follow those meows, but it's only going to take him closer to danger. Poor beagle.