Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grandma Loves Lexis

Bryan's mom and dad came to visit us this weekend. Sheri couldn't resist buying her granddog a winter coat. What would dogs do without grandmas? Who would buy their winter clothes?? Here's a picture of Lexis showing off her new pink coat, so cozy and comfortable that she's falling asleep sitting up.

And oh, yeah I found a great job! I'm working for Spring Communications. You know... "Get your ring from Spring?" Anyways, they're an AT&T retailer and I'll be managing their Logan store. I started last Monday and it's been a lot of fun so far. If you've got AT&T and need anything, come see me. Jer, I have a sneaking suspicion you're using a 4-year-old Nokia "cinder block" and could use a new phone. You should see these new phones... they have color screens.

Thanks to all of you who were looking out for me and trying to get me interviews! It's all about who you know and I've got some good friends.


Lance said...

Lexis is so damn cute in that sweater. Congratulations on the job!

dustin dewey wickham said...

that was pretty sneaky at the mcdonalds. you seemed so disappointed that i'd spotted you that i almost wished i hadn't. were you gonna throw that snowball in my open window?

lexis + ambien = dressing up and stumbling around the house.

Jesse C said...

Congrats Bryan! Glad you are enjoying the new job.

Allyssa said...

Hey Bryan, congrats on the new job. To make a blog list with the most recent posts, you go to layout then add a gadget and then add MY BLOG LIST. And you have to enter each URL. Hope you guys had a great holiday!