Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This One's for You, Poppa Wilkins

Jeremy reminded me how I'm a slacker blogger today and I was inspired to make a new post. Man, does the economy suck right now! I've been looking for jobs... fuggetaboutit. It's ridiculous how many resumes I've sent out. I had an interview last week that went really well and I'm hoping I get the job.

Is there anyone else who feels like job hunting on the internet is a total waste of time? I have replied to dozens of jobs online and I cannot get a call or email from anyone, even after sending follow-up emails or making follow-up calls! It's frustrating to spend 45 minutes filling out an application, tailoring a resume to the job, and writing a cover letter, only to never, ever hear back from someone. I'd kill for a "We're sorry, we're looking for someone with more relevant experience" or "We think you suck" email. At least that way I'd know I could forget about that job. Even for gigantic companies, how hard would it be to automate an email to all of the applicants once the position was filled or when the screener gave the application the thumbs-down? Um, not hard.

So Natalie Crowley, maybe you can tell me... WTF?! I totally understand Michael Scott's issues with Toby. Toby is one of them. Did you know that one of them ended an interview with me when I told them that I was not a student body officer in high school? If I am ever their boss, I will fire them. But I'm not bitter. Friggin jerks.