Thursday, March 12, 2009

Maxamum Fine

Chances are you've heard this story already. But just in case you haven't...

A few weeks ago, I and 3 classmates had just finished our evening class at the Weber State campus. We all live in Cache Valley and carpool to class. Chris drove that night, and just as we were about to pile into his car, we all heard a crunching metal-on-metal noise and looked up to see a big pickup truck backing out of a parking space. He had picked probably the only spot in the whole parking lot where he would have to pull up on top of a mound of snow because the plow hadn't pushed the snow quite far enough. Did he pick this bad parking spot so that he could do the the awesome big-truck parking thing that we've all seen done so many times, or was it the only spot left? Of course I don't know, but I would guess (A) because this kid was a total weenie. Anyways, as we watched him back out of the space, we noticed the little car in the space next to his shake a little. The driver, while backing down off of the mound of snow he was on top of, backed right down on top of the front of the poor little car next to him! Hence the crunching noise we all heard. The truck came to a stop and a kid climbed down out of the truck to check the damage to the other car. After examining the wreckage, he walked his basketball-shorts-wearing chicken legs back to the drivers' side of his truck and stood there, apparently writing a note to leave for the owner of the car he had just run over. After a few minutes, we drove out of the parking lot, but over the snow-plowed mounds surrounding the parking lot, we saw the top of the truck as it quickly backed out of the space and sped out of the parking lot up the road, the opposite direction that we had gone. We went back the the injured car and guess what... no note! Luckily, we had made note of the truck's license plate number, "MAXAMUS." Fitting. What a loser! I was amazed that somehow he was able to convince himself that it was okay for him to leave the scene and take no responsibility for what he had done. I guess maybe he figured that the white paint flakes lying on the pavement were from when someone else ran over the car? And that the white paint on his silver truck was from some other car? I dunno. Anyways, we called the campus police and filled out witness statements. I'm sure MAXAMUS received a surprise visit from the police and a hefty fine the next day. I've heard that the fine for a hit-and-run is steep, like three or four hundred bucks. Also, I'm sure his insurance premium will increase. It is unfortunate that people can be so selfish, but nice to know that sometimes they don't get away with it.