Saturday, October 25, 2008

Husband and Wife

Shame on me for not writing until now. Carrie and I have been married for two and a half months! We are loving being married.

We were married in the Salt Lake temple on August 9th in the early afternoon. It was great to have so many friend and family members there to support us. After taking pictures outside the temple, we had a little wedding dinner for close friends and family at Gardner Village. It was beautiful. Carrie’s mom Debra and her friends did the decorating. We have gotten numerous compliments on how beautiful the dinner was and we couldn’t agree more - it was gorgeous. The food wasn’t bad either. A week before the wedding we had an open house at Bryan’s parents’ home in Sandy. Bryan’s mom did a great job making that beautiful as well and it was great to see lifelong friends and ward members there.

After the dinner we stayed at the Grand America and it was beautiful. The next morning we flew to San Francisco for a couple days and had a great time there. We took a bike ride to the Golden Gate bridge, took a boat tour around Alcatraz, had some great seafood, and just had fun being together without any distractions.

Now we’re living in Bryan’s house in Logan with our puppy Lexis. Carrie’s in her busy travel season at work and Bryan’s going to school and looking for a good job. We hope to see or hear from you all soon!