Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things That Happened This Weekend

  1. Bryan sunburned his head.
  2. Carrie and Bryan got to spend a few solid days together, something that hasn't happened in way too long.
  3. Our new kitchen is finally complete!
  4. We got Lexis's DNA results from a ridiculously expensive test, but we now know she is part Weimaraner.
  5. Lexis rolled in human feces and was quite proud of herself.
  6. Carrie amazed her family with how white her skin is now that she's old and married.
  7. Bryan discovered his board shorts don't fit anymore.
  8. Five men caught 7 catfish, none of them more than four inches long.
  9. We ate our first deep fried turkey.
  10. Bryan scaled a steep hill to pee, and almost killed himself and crippled Dan [with a tumbling rock] as he barefoot skiied down the hill, landing on his butt at the bottom.
  11. We started our mission to create the best s'more in the world. Any ideas?
  12. Lexis got a new collar after the human poo incident.
  13. Bryan sunburned his head again.
  14. Carrie's 80-year-old grandpa got a 42" flat screen TV for his birthday.
  15. Bryan and Colby floated the canal in near-freezing water and fear they are now sterile.
  16. Carrie rediscovered her love for Aggie BlueMint ice cream.
  17. We had so much fun with our nieces Keira and Layni.
  18. Lexis [and everyone else] was traumatized when her paw got caught in a folding chair. She's okay.
  19. Bryan got a pair of Chaco's, something he never thought he'd do.
  20. We were amazed again by the amazing food that Deb, Grandma, Grandpa, Lisa, and Diane can make on a picnic table and a camp stove. Incredible.
  21. At Logan River Golf Course, Colby shot under par, and Dan nailed a goose with a golf ball.
  22. We met "neutered Fender" and thought he was quite the gentleman.
  23. Shorty found the world's worst patch of burrs and Diane cried.
  24. Bryan learned that Colby is scared to death of snakes, poisonous or not.
  25. Carrie introduced Bryan to white nectarines, her favorite fruit.
  26. Bryan and Carrie are in love and had a fantastic fun weekend together!


Jesse C said...

Sounds like a pretty great weekend minus all the painful stuff. Skiing barefoot down a steep hill to avoid a boulder = something that could only happen to Bryan.

Jesse C said...

p.s. I clicked the "next blog" link on the google dashboard wondering if it would go to the next blog of my friends. Instead, I was treated to this little Gem:

Thought Bryan might get a kick out of it.

Jessica said...

nice weekend! we miss having friends. try making a s'more with the cookies and cream candy bar instead of regular chocolate. Austin and i made this once. it was pretty good.