Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter and Logan Main Street

We got four or five inches of snow between six and ten o'clock this morning. I'm so excited to see snow. Main Street and 200 North are nightmares, as those who know Logan can imagine, due to the Christmas shopping and icy conditions. It's funny how just about every single store in Logan is on the same street. The population continues to grow and Main Street gets worse and worse. I can't imagine what it's going to be like in ten years when we've got 50 percent more people, one main street, 6 Wal-Marts, no Targets, and 50 percent more wierdo's running up and down 1400 North pushing shopping carts full of rocks or hurling themselves through intersections backwards in wheel chairs at the wrong times. Logan's a funny little place.


Jeremy said...

People who haven't lived in Logan will think you are exagerating some of those points, but those of us who have spent decent time there know that you are spot on with your observations.

I miss the originality of Logan-even if some things, like Main St, used to drive me nuts.

Jesse C said...

Oh dang, you actually make me miss Logan in all its Quirky grandure.

Jesse C said...

I like to capitalize Quirky.