Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dream Big

My wife and I both had dreams the other night. The dreams were very different and exemplify a difference between Bryan and Carrie. I have been looking for a good job. Jobs are hard to come by these days and the search has been pretty discouraging at times. Poor Carrie worries a lot about it. She worries not so much because we need the money, but because she's worried what the rejection is doing to me. She gets nervous for me before interviews, and sometimes can't sleep because of it. She's very protective of me and I love her for it. But anyways, here's the story...

Carrie woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me she'd just had a really bad dream that I totally bombed an interview with a company I'd been interviewing with. When she woke me up, I was just finishing up a dream of my own.

In my dream, I was drawing a Big Mac with crayons on a blank sheet of paper, and I was very impressed with the detail I was able to get in the small pieces of lettuce. Underneath the hamburger I wrote in crayon:

Hi my name is Willey and I draw dragons and sometimes hamburgers.

Realizing the irony of how she was so stressed about my job interview, and how I was having the dream of a special-needs 5-year old, I started laughing so hard that I couldn't even tell her what my dream was about. It scared her because she couldn't tell if I was awake-laughing or asleep-laughing. When I was finally able to tell her about my McDream, she said in half-disgust "Oh my gosh," rolled over, and slept like a baby. I chuckled myself to sleep. I don't think she's worried quite so much about Ol' Bry ever since.


Jeremy said...

This dream/story is truly one for the record books.

Brian Hirsbrunner said...

You dream about Big Macs too?

dustin dewey wickham said...

holy crap. I can't stop laughing out loud. this is a bryan bostrom tale through and through!

p.s. I added your blog to my blog list.

Lance said...

The story of this dream could never get old, ever!