Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meet Lexis

Two of my roommates and I have been wanting a puppy for years. About a month ago we finally got one. She is adorable... most days, and Carrie and I love her to death. She’s an awesome snuggler.

However, she does have her naughty days. This morning in the backyard, she dug up a thawing hair-riddled poop of some other animal and tried to bring it inside. I almost threw up when I had to pull it out of her mouth.

For the most part though, she’s just a big cuddly bundle of fun... and she eats poop.

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Allyssa said...

awh! cute puppy! and very impressive blog. each time i look at the title i think NORDSTROM... one of my favorite stores. :) i need to get brian into posting on our blog. that's awesome that you keep yours going!

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